Magicpeachsignature guarantee that if there is a mistake in your order or a significant defect with your sex doll, we will compensate, assist you in repair, or completely replace your doll at no cost to you. 




Each sex doll is thoroughly checked before we send it to our customer. As a result, it is very rare for our customer to receive a product with manufacturing defects. We do not offer refunds for any other reason other than a product damaged on arrival.


All dolls comes with a one-year service warranty and lifetime limited warranty. when you get the doll please read sex doll care.


Within one year from the date of purchase, if your doll has any quality issues, we will repair the doll for free, excluding the shipping cost. We will also cover all parts replacement costs.

After one year of purchase, we will still repair it for free, but you are responsible for the shipping cost and parts replacement cost, if any.


For Accessories:

All accessories sales are final due to the nature of our products.


We ask our customers to check the product carefully upon receipt, if you notice an error please contact us within 24 hours, do not use your doll! 



How Does The Warranty Work


When you receive the doll, check it from head to toe.


If you find a defect, please report it to us within 24 hours of receipt at info@Magicpeachsignature.com with your order number, well lit, good quality photographs and/or video that support your claim along with the details of the issue. We will respond within 24 business hours guaranteed, and we’ll take it from there.


When the sex doll needs to be exchanged or replaced. Then DO NOT use her. Leave the sex doll unused in the box with all available packaging materials. We do NOT trade ANYTHING that has been used. We test this carefully upon arrival, so we will find out at all times.


Items that have been damaged through improper use, alteration, or in an accident are not subject to the satisfaction guarantee.


If Your Package Arrives Damaged

Once your package arrives, if you notice any significant damage to the box, or punctures in the cardboard, you can refuse to sign for this doll.or notify the courier and then take photographs *before* opening it. Next, proceed to open the box and determine if any of the enclosed materials have been damaged. Take additional photos – more is always better. If you believe something is damaged, don’t hesitate – contact us right away!

For the Magicpeachsignature guarantee to be valid, any discrepancies found with your items must be reported to us within 24 hours on receipt of your doll. Contact us, or email support at info@Magicpeachsignature.com


Guarantee Against Manufacturing Defects

Despite these efforts, if you receive your doll and it shows a significant defect that was not present or clear in any of the photographs you were sent, notify us immediately! Depending on the nature of the defect, the particular situation, and your preference, we can then remedy this situation by a number of options including:

(a) offering a full or partial return and refund, without any shipping cost to you;
(b) offering a partial refund without returning the item; or
(c) offering a replacement or a gift to compensate you for your trouble.

It’s our job to keep you happy and to build our business. We understand that it is done with happy customers who write 5-star reviews. we will treat every situation with fairness and honesty.


What Is Not Covered By The Warranty And Why?


  • Small skin defects – sometimes it can happen that small irregularities or slight deviations arise due to the production and its processes. However, these will be inconspicuous. We see this as a unique “birth mark”.


  • Fingers– The skin around the fingers is most vulnerable, because the skin is thinnest here. If you handle this carefully, these will not break. Careless use can cause the skeleton to penetrate the skin. We do not guarantee this.


  • Loose fingernails– We carefully inspect the toe and finger nails for adhesion in advance. However, it is possible that nails become loose. If this happens, you can easily glue it with superglue.


  • Loose Lashes– We ship the doll with a protective eye mask to protect her gorgeous lashes. However, if an eyelash has come loose, you can easily stick it with superglue.


  • Makeup Difference –We have professional make-up artists to re-create the makeup made by the photographer in the picture. However, it’s not guaranteed to match 100%. Every doll may differ slightly versus the picture. In the rare event, you don’t like it, you can remove the makeup and create makeup as you prefer.


  • Wig Colors– Everyone has a different computer, phone screen, or lighting settings, We do not guarantee this.


  • Damage by your own fault – It is only possible to exchange the sex doll when it is in new condition. When we find that the doll has been damaged by use, the entire warranty expires. The costs are then for your own account.


  • Negligence – If the sex doll shows signs of improper care and has been damaged as a result, the costs are for your own account. We will help you free of charge with advice on how to properly care for your doll.


  • Damage resulting from natural causes including but not limited to lightning, flood, or other natural disasters.


  • Claims for non-defective products.


  • Used Dolls–Any used dolls will not be eligible under the guarantee.